About Dr. Dan Herman

Dr. Dan Herman is a world renowned authority on consumer behavior, competitive strategy, innovation, marketing and branding – applied in integration. He has extensive business, managerial and consulting experience.
Dr. Herman is the CEO of Competitive Advantages – Strategy Consulting.
Dan is a keen observer and researcher of human behavior and markets as well as a prolific creator of innovative concepts, models and methods in his fields of expertise.
He is sought after as a keynote lecturer and workshop/seminar leader. He is also frequently interviewed in the media worldwide, wherever he is active.
Dr. Herman has written numerous articles, textbook chapters and e-books. His books have been published in several countries and languages. His recent book, Outsmart the MBA Clones: The Alternative Guide to Competitive Strategy, Marketing and Branding is available from Amazon.com.
Among the many organizations and brands Dr. Herman and his team have worked with are: Coca-Cola, IBM, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Motorola, Comverse, The Olympic Organizations, Europcar, H. Stern, Starkist Tuna, and other notable global brands.
The list also includes numerous local leading companies in various countries in the fields of: banking and wealth management, insurance, R&D on-demand services, hi-tech, telecommunications and cellular communication, health services, food and beverages, toiletries and cosmetics, fashion, fitness, public transportation, car rental and leasing, car dealership, hotels, retail chains, online casinos, national lotteries, community centers and several non-profit organizations, government agencies and political parties.
Competitive Advantages – Strategy Consulting is a highly trained and specialized task force led by Dr. Dan Herman, operating globally to help companies develop a unique attractiveness to their markets for achieving long term competitive advantages as well as fast short term market successes.
The company specializes in driving excited buyer desire and strong demand.
Competitive Advantages is unique among strategy consulting firms in the following:

  • It caters to its clients’ short term success needs alongside their long term goals and objectives by helping them develop and launch new products and service specifically and expertly destined to become market hits.
  • It creates integrated solutions which combine competitive strategy, product and business model innovation, branding, multilevel and multichannel marketing, and customer experience management.
  • It is committed to supplying clients with highly creative and frequently groundbreaking solutions, which always have very profound and justifiable rationales.


To contact Dr. Herman please write to: dh@danherman.com
For more information please visit: www.danherman.com