The Multi Living Training

Building skills to manage intense, full and complex lives

In the age of FoMO – The Fear of Missing Out, our lives are fuller, more interesting and more gratifying. It’s great but at the same time; it is neither simple nor easy
Our lifestyle has become fast paced and rather crazed. Sometimes, while trying to have it all and have it now – we end up missing out on some of the most important elements of our lives.

Finally, we are not as happy as we were supposed to be. Some people choose to escape the stress and give up on the option of leading a dynamic and rich life in order to have peace and quiet.

The Multi Living Training, developed by Dr. Dan Herman and associates, opens up a more appealing alternative: to celebrate a live of fulfillment.

Nevertheless, the ability to live life to the fullest in our current world abundant with options and opportunities requires developing certain essential skills and capabilities:

  • The ability to handle variety, to know what we want, to choose, to create an internal orientation, to focus and to achieve wholeness.
  • The ability to handle a rich and complex life composed of numerous activities, some of them unrelated, to manage our attention, time and resources, to contain a multifaceted personality and to lead a varied and dynamic lifestyle.
  • The ability to avoid potential damages such as indecision, reluctance to commit, lack of persistence, stress and anxiety.

The Multi Living Training (MLT) is a systematic process designed to develop all the skills and capabilities required in order to lead rich, complex and dynamic lives.
The Multi Living Training elicits awareness to the challenges of such lives and provides practical solutions and tools to handle them successfully. MLT empowers people to live life fully, maximize their opportunities, achieve wholeness and be free from anxiety and stress.
MLT helps people turn FoMO into FuMo – The Fulfillment Motivation.

The 10 steps of the Multi Living Training

1. Becoming familiar with FoMO as a driving force in life:

  • Understanding the process of FoMO.
  • Recognizing the manifestations of FoMO in daily life.
  • Differentiating FuMo from FoMO on the experience level.
  • Switching from FoMO to FuMo.
  • Discovering the Multi Living approach and process.

2. Learning to handle a wide assortment of options and choose well:

  • Identifying, classifying and evaluating opportunities.
  • Inventing new options.
  • Choosing wisely (even impulsively).
  • Discovering what turns you on, short and long term.
  • Developing a sense of purpose.
  • Handling ambivalence and knowing when “this is it”.

3. Developing the ability to focus commit and persevere:

  • Choice as a act of freedom.
  • Committing to an inspiring future.
  • Keeping enthusiasm alive.
  • Enjoying what is.
  • Handling distractions, temptations, whims and changing moods.
  • Behaving effectively and cultivating effectiveness habits.
  • Creating diversity within structure.
  • Streamlining intention and action.

4. Developing the skill to handle change effectively:

  • Achieving renewal without change.
  • Knowing when change is necessary.
  • Strategic change, tactical change.
  • Reinventing yourselves and your lives.
  • Breaking away from the past.
  • Preventing the future from being the past replayed.
  • Turning a desired future into reality.

5. Learning to lead a full, complex and dynamic life:

  • Managing attention, time and other resources.
  • Achieving balance.
  • Prioritizing and lifestyle design.
  • Handling constrains effectively.

6. Learning to manage a multifaceted personality (without going insane):

  • Enhancing flexibility.
  • Developing a wide behavioral and emotional repertoire.
  • Strengthening and preserving a central “I” despite being multifaceted.

7. Learning to handle the urge for immediacy:

  • Living strategically.
  • Handling the need for immediate gratification.
  • Discovering the pleasures of slow.

8. Learning to tame the need for constant availability:

  • Developing the ability to detach.
  • Fostering the ability to enjoy privacy and intimacy.
  • Focusing attention.

9. Learning to reduce obsessing with being updated and in-sync:


  • Developing fear of missing out on the past.
  • Appreciating the long term value of things.
  • Learning to distance yourself and filter.

10. Integrating it all:­

  • Finding wholeness and happiness in Multi Living.

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